About Us


It started small – basic cooking experiments in the kitchen. But quickly, our evening ritual became a little more out of control. Suddenly we were building carbonators and sous vide machines, mixing pre-prohibition cocktails and drinking deliberately oxidative wines.

about us:

We are Brandon and Courtney. Brandon is the engineer. He builds and tinkers, but makes a phenomenal loaf of bread and killer meats. I’m Courtney. I work for a local startup, in a wine shop and love to be creative in the kitchen at the end of the day, stemming from the ever-useless Creative Writing degree I accrued. Brandon is a local guy, raised in Boulder, but left for a few years when he joined the Marines and traveled the world. I am a born and raised Boston girl, die-hard Red Sox fan, but moved here for school and the mountains.  We met skiing and the rest is history. We both now live and eat in Boulder, Colorado.