Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Rain. It never rains in Boulder. And when it does – the city shuts down. No one goes outside. People bitch on Twitter. Netflix traffic spikes. But we attempt to avoid the angst and our favorite rainy day activity means driving the fifteen minutes down to Broomfield and wandering the Pacific Ocean Market.

Now, I’m from Boston, where there is a Chinatown. And I miss it. Since moving to Boulder, I’ve pined for good and strange Asian ingredients. A few years ago, though, someone mentioned that there was a really cheap fish market down in Broomfield that we should check out. And on one of those miserable, rainy Boulder days, we made the drive and encountered an Asian food mecca. And there we turned into small children at the zoo. Small, politically incorrect children at the zoo, speculating on what "fish balls" were.

So now, when it rains, we head on down to the scary, flat suburbs and leave with a car full of strange ingredients. And this time, we ended up with an octopus. We love octopus – grilled, sashimi-style, etc. But generally we buy it already brined and cooked over at Whole Foods - the easy way. But the Whole Foods near our house stopped selling it and we resorted to experimenting once again.

We purchased this monstrosity down at Pacific Ocean Market and let it defrost. The small boule of tentacles became an enormous creature, very quickly.

I wish we had a picture of it all unwrapped. Brandon tried to take one of himself holding the thing, but said it was impossible.

Then we sealed it in a plastic bag and put it in the sous vide machine at 65 degrees Celsius for about 24 hours.

And it shrunk. Wow, it really shrunk. We had read that octopus would decrease in size by a little bit, but did not anticipate that it would become this tiny little shrunken thing.

It looks silly.

Brandon cut it up in little bites and I made some sticky rice. We added some seaweed to the rice, added some soy sauce and sriracha and tada! Dinnertime.