Monday, September 19, 2011

a scramble for an eggcellent appetizer.

So I never really liked plain eggs very much. I liked them scrambled and in omelets, cooked in a frittata or a strada, but plain fried eggs is not something I ever particularly desire. Yolk has always kind of freaked me out; I find it kind of chalky and thick.

Turns out, the sous vide machine proved me wrong again. Brandon had done all kinds of research on the "perfect egg," which comes from cooking an egg at the same exact temperature for about 45 minutes. By controlling the temperature, we can insure that the yolk is as runny, gooey or cooked through as we want, but also that the whites are the same consistency as the yolk.

(Also, we had friends coming over and our cheese selection was a bit thin. And dinner was running late. And we needed an appetizer.)

The steps to cooking the perfect egg include having your wonderful boyfriend make your loaves of bread during his free time. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day of work to your house smelling like fresh baked bread. (Also, it tends to make you feel guilty for about a millisecond about skipping your yoga class in the morning.)

The second step is to put the egg in the sous vide contraption. Let it sit for about 45 minutes to an hour. The yolk generally thickens at about 64.8º, so we cooked it at 64.2º.

Third, slice freshly baked bread. Then add olive oil that your lovely girlfriend brought you back from her trip to Sonoma and a little bit of sea salt.

Fourth, crack egg over the top of the bread.

(It probably won't do that. The majority of the time it ends up like...)

(But we'll use the pretty picture instead.)

Finally, garnish as you will. Our basil plant, Mr. Basil, has been flourishing recently, so we used a little of him. But we've used mushrooms, rosemary, bacon, etc.

And eat. It will be messy.

Oh and as it turns out, I now love yolk. And I like 'em really runny. But as an appetizer. Followed by a martini.

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